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Visit Alan McKinnon's LinkedIn page

Alan McKinnon – Professor of Logistics

The following list shows papers by Professor McKinnon that are available for download in PDF form from this page.

1998 Food Transport KPI survey (final report)

2002 Food transport KPI survey final report

2002 Food transport KPI survey report (Freight Best Practice programme)

3D printing drones and crowdshipping (paper for URBE city logistics conference Oct 2015)

3D printing – a decarbonising silver bullet? (article in Focus on Logistics and Transport Oct 2018)

Adaptive Logistics conference paper (McKinnon and Kreie)

Alternative method of lorry road user charging: response to C&E (McKinnon and McClelland)

Blue Skies Thinking on Green Logistics

Briefing Paper on the Freight Transport Sector for CfIT (2010)

Britain without Double deck Lorries (final report)

CfIT Interim Report 44-tonne issue

CO2 Emissions from Freight Transport (CfIT report final)

Commercial Motor sounding off section: ‘Think of a Number’

Congested infrastructure logistics impacts (Freight Transport Review Autumn 2005)

Consolidation of Urban Retail Deliveries Review of Key Issues (Edwards McKinnon)

Contribution of Road Construction to Economic Development

Crime threats from e-tailing: Theft in the Home Delivery Channel (April 2002)

Crowdshipping: a communal approach to reducing urban traffic levels?

Decoupling, recoupling and the growth of freight transport (Logistics and Transport Focus)

Developing a Decarbonisation Strategy for Logistics (LRN conference paper 2011)

Developing a Green Logistics Research Agenda (International Workshop report 2010)

Distributing imported goods to British consumers (Retail and Distribution Management 1986)

Double-deck trailers cost benefit model (LRN paper)

Double-deck High Cube Lorry Report (CS1 McKinnon and Campbell)

Drones – will last mile logistics take to the air (FTA Future Logistics supplement)

Effects of ICT and Ecommerce on Logistics Review of Policy Issues (EU BPR Logistics project)

Empty running and return loading of road goods vehicles (Transport Logistics 1996)

Forecast of European Logistics Trends 1999 2005 Delphi Report (McKinnon and Forster)

Haulier than Thou (Freight Transport Review Autumn 2001)

Horizontal collaboration and transport efficiency: ECR Starfish paper (LRN Palmer and McKinnon 9 9 11)

Impact of Congestion on Logistical Efficiency (Institute of Logistics report 1998)

Improving sustainability of road freight transport by relaxing truck size and weight limits (McKinnon ISL 2008)

Integrated logistics strategies (from Brewer et al book)

Internalisation of external costs of UK road freight (Piecyk McKinnon 2007) (final)

Internalisation of external costs of road freight in London (Allen Piecyk and McKinnon 2008)

Jury out on product carbon labelling (Financial Times letter 25-11-2020)

Life without Lorries (Report for Commercial Motor Dec 2004)

Logistical perspective on the fuel efficiency of road freight transport (IEA – ECMT 1999)

Logistics and the Environment (Logistics Europe magazine)

Longer Heavier Vehicles: final report for UK Dept for Transport (TRL HW)

Lorry road user charging – a critique (LRUC report 1)

Measuring Carbon Emissions from Supply Chains – Getting the Level Right

National Lorry Week 2016 – update of 2004 ‘Life without Lorries’ report

National Expenditure on Logistics in the UK 

Nation of Regional Distribution Centres

Online Conventional Retailing CO2 comparison (Edwards and McKinnon L&TF)

Permitting 44t lorries for general use in the UK (CfIT report 2000)

Possible impact of 3D printing and drones on last mile logistics (pre-print version 2016)

Quick response in the frozen food supply chain (CS2 McKinnon and Campbell)

Recruiting the Right People for the Future (CILT Focus magazine Nov 2018)

Reducing External costs of Domestic Food Distribution in the UK (report for DEFRA)

Reflections on Chinese Logistics (blog)

Retail Logistics paper (UK government Foresight programme 1996

Retail Logistics Task Force @YourHome

Retailers’ distribution: strategies patterns of land use and traffic flow (The Planner)

School Days Piano Medley – list of songs

Should the Maximum Weight and Length of Trucks by Increased: A review of European Evidence (ISL conference 2008)

Taxing Trucks – Alternative Method of Road User Charging (LRUC report 3)

Theft in the Home Delivery Channel (Foresight Programme – McKinnon and Tallam April_2002)

The Abolition of Quantitative Controls on Road Freight Transport: end of an era (McKinnon 1998)

Transport Challenges and Opportunities (CfIT ‘think piece’ – Nov 2009)

Trends in European Logistics location and property aspects (St Quintin report)

Urban Transhipment International Review (UK Foresight programme)

Urban Transhipment UK review



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Kuehne Logistics University


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© Professor Alan McKinnon 2024


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