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Alan McKinnon – Professor of Logistics

Downloads: recent presentations

The following list shows presentations by Professor McKinnon that are available for download in PDF form from this page. 

3D printing drones and crowdshipping – city logistics gamechangers (URBE conference Oct 2015)

URBE Urban Freight Conference, University of Rome 3, Rome.
1st October 2015

Adaptive logistics: preparing logistics systems of climate change (NTM workshop Nov 2010)

NTM Workshop, Stockholm. 
17th November 2010

Climate Change, Maritime Transport and the Role of the Shipper (Global Shippers Forum, 9-04-2013)

Global Shippers Forum annual conference, London.
9th April 2013 

CO2 impacts of port-centric logistics (WCTR, 12-7-2013)

Contribution of shippers to decarbonisation of maritime supply chain (Low Carbon Shipping conference 12-9-2012)

World Conference on Transport Research, Rio de Janeiro.
16th July 2013

COP21 and beyond decarbonisation challenge for logistics (Dutch Log Managers, 23-3-2016)

Dutch Logistics Managers Annual Conference, Utrecht.
23rd March 2016

Decarbonising Road Transport – behavioural dimension (EU conference June 2015)

European Commission conference on ‘Driving Road Decarbonisation Forward’, Brussels.
18th June 2015

Decelerating Supply Chains – decarbonisation measure (International Symposium of Logistics July 2014)

International Symposium of Logistics, Ho Chi Min City. 
7th July 2014

EU Horizon 2020 Advisory Group report summary (EC Brussels, 29 Oct 2014)

Delegates of member states on the EU Transport Programme Committee, Brussels.
29th October 2014

European Logistics 2030 (Dinalog Amsterdam 1-4-2014)

Dinalog Annual Conference, Amsterdam.
1st April, 2014

Extreme Weather and Logistics (Kuehne Logistics Day Hamburg 2013)

Kuehne Foundation Logistics Day. 
26th September 2014

Future of Collaboration (ELUPEG Hamburg Sept 2015)

High-Capacity Vehicles – review of evidence (ITF Paris 17-04-2014)

International Transport Forum / OECD, Paris.
17th April 2014

Impact of external factors on logistics decarbonisation (EcoTransIT Gothenburg 18-11-2015)

EcoTransIT workshop, Gothenburg.
18th November 2015

Innovative approaches to greening city logistics (LIHH Hamburg 24-11-2014)

Hamburg Logistics Initiative (LIHH) ‘Green Mobility Conference’ Hamburg. 
24th November 2014

Performance Measurement in Freight Transport (ITF Mexican roundtable March 2015)

International Transport Forum / OECD Roundtable, Queretaro, Mexico.
9th March 2015

Starry-eyed journal rankings and logistics research (LRN conference Sept 2012)

Logistics Research Network Annual Conference, Cranfield University.
9th September 2012

Starry-eyed II – journal rankings issue (LRN conference Sept 2015)

Logistics Research Network Annual Conference, University of Derby.
10th September 2015

Supply Chain Resilience (ITF APEC conference Christchurch NZ 26-3-2014)

APEC / ITF workshop on ‘supply chain resilience’, Christchurch, New Zealand.
26th March 2014



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© Professor Alan McKinnon 2024


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